Frequently Asked Event Questions


Whether it's a Big Event or Small Event, we'll need you to check a few things...

The best events plan ahead. Please take 30 seconds to read through important sound considerations below.


The minimum power requirement is:

  • (1) dedicated 20 AMP circuit [or]
  • (2) dedicated 15 AMP circuits

If your event is outdoors and power isn’t readily available, we can supply a quiet 20 AMP generator for stage use for $50 per day.


No Stairs Please.
The base price assumes the event will be held in an (indoor or outdoor) event space that has provision for loading-in gear on carts, etc.

For outdoor shows, pavement, cement or a similar hard surface is typically required.

If your event doesn’t meet these guidelines, we can discuss options beforehand by phone to try and accommodate the situation.


Time Management :)
Please plan ahead. Depending on your needs, it can take between 1 to 8 hours for us to set up your equipment once we're on-site.
Typical setup times are as follows:

  • Sound Guy Service: ~2-3 hours
  • Stage Rental Only: < 1 hour
  • Stage Rental Package: ~5-8 hours

After the event, it usually takes 2-3 hours to tear it all down. In some situations it’s possible for us to set up a day before your event, or tear down the day after your event – give us a call to discuss specific needs.


Please check with your entertainment (particularly live music) to see if they'll need a sound check.

We can typically check a band in about 10-30 minutes. We can do sound check any time after the equipment is set up, and ideally it should be done before your guests arrive.

No sound check? In tight situations we can bring a band quickly online during the first song.

INCLEMENT WEATHER (outdoor events)

It’s Colorado, so you already know how quickly the weather can change. Water and electricity don’t mix, and strong winds can knock heavy things over.

Airwave reserves the right to stop any performance (without penalty) during weather events that may pose a danger or hazard to our favorite animals: people.

In the unlikely event of a rainout, we will resume operation when the weather event passes.


Yep, free delivery and setup for event spaces within 20 miles of downtown Denver.

Trip charges for events outside the 20 mile range, but inside Colorado, will vary. In these situations, typical charge is between $35.00 and $250.00 dependant on distance.

Please be prepared to provide parking suitable for a larger box-type delivery truck.

Get on the calendar, call 720-837-1950

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